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Meet the Truck: Quick Tank & Furnace's Pride and Joy

Quick Tank & Furnace Truck

At Quick Tank & Furnace, Rick takes immense pride in his trusty companion: the 79 Grumman Stepvan Jr. This unique vehicle holds a special place in his heart, being the smallest postal delivery truck ever made, and boasting an impressive 6-foot height inside. Purchased for a mere $100 from a Vancouver back alley, this van has been his loyal workhorse for an incredible 25 years.

A labor of love, Rick has poured years of dedication and craftsmanship into transforming this vehicle into something truly remarkable. Most of the work, including the customization, was completed by Rick himself. Let's take a closer look at some of the remarkable features:

Bumpers with a Touch of Artistry

Rick spared no effort in making the Quick Tank & Furnace truck stand out. The bumpers are a testament to his dedication, crafted from schedule 40 306 stainless steel pipe and fittings, meticulously cut, tig welded, and polished to perfection. A unique touch, the exhaust emerges through hand-made silencers cleverly integrated into the bumper design. While it may not be entirely silent, it adds a distinct character to the vehicle.

Quick Tank & Furnace Truck Front BumperQuick Tank & Furnace Truck Rear Bumper

A Heart of Steel

Under the hood, Rick's beloved van is powered by a robust 292 ci GMC straight 6 engine. Rebuilt with a 260 cam and big valve lump port heads, this powerhouse performs exceptionally well. To enhance its capabilities, he's equipped it with an Offenhauser 4-barrel intake, Summit Racing max 500 EFI, and tri-wye stainless tube headers—expertly tig welded by Rick. Paired with a NP833 manual 4-speed OD transmission, the engine provides dependable performance, making every drive enjoyable.

A Touch of Artistic Expression

Along with his passion for plumbing and heating, Rick has a flair for artistic expression. Embracing individuality, he finds joy in creating unique pieces. His chicken coop and night light are a testament to his artistic endeavors, crafted just for fun.

Mechanical Marvels and Endless Fun

As a bit of a mechanical enthusiast, Rick revels in the intricacies of every system he encounters. Finding joy in problem-solving, he's turned his passion into a thriving profession. The unique combination of skill, craftsmanship, and dedication that goes into Rick's work ensures that everything he builds is a true masterpiece.

Angler Fish LampChicken Coop

Join The Journey

As founder of Quick Tank & Furnace, Rick believes that his personalized touch and commitment to excellence sets him apart. With the 79 Grumman Stepvan Jr. leading the way, he's ready to tackle any plumbing and heating challenge with the same passion and enthusiasm that drives him to create mechanical marvels. Join Rick on this journey, where every project is a work of art, and every solution is crafted with care.

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